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Startup Stories

Every employee shall follow the rules and regulations of Linuo Group, which indicate what Linuo advocates and opposes. Linuo is like a big family; its development needs the contribution of every member in the family. Here are some startup stories.

In the development of Linuo Group, there are many touching stories with unforgettable moments. They are an intangible part in the development of the Group. All the stories, the people and the moments build up an eternal picture of Linuo at its early stage.

  • The Cheapest Business Trip

    The Cheapest Business Trip

    At the entrepreneurial stage, Linuo employees were very frugal. Once two Linuo employees went to Beijing on a business trip. At night, they had to overnight there since their business was not settled. In order to find a cheap hotel, they spared no trouble and inquired at hotels one by one. Finally, they got a room in a basement, which cost only ¥10 per night for two of them. Though the living conditions in the basement were not good, the two employees were contended; it was cheap and better than sitting in the railway station for the whole night.

  • Footprint in Shanghai

    Footprint in Shanghai

    In August 1999, two Linuo employees went to Shanghai to choose the site for Linuo headquarters. They were not familiar with the city nor did they understand the local dialect. They were also thrifty with the expenses on, e.g. means of transportation and lodging. They visited the economic development zones in Jiading, Pudong, Malu, and Qingpu, etc. one after another during the following days, learning local policies for investment and inspecting the possible locations for Linuo HQ in Shanghai, and in the evening, they were busy sorting out the information they gathered. For the two Linuo employees, the changeable weather in Shanghai was also troublesome. They were often completely drenched by a sudden rainfall. Moreover, as they traveled mostly on foot or by means of public transportation, one employee got some blisters on his feet a few days later. Yet, the blisters could not stop his zeal for work. After about two weeks survey, they finally found an ideal location for Linuo HQ in Shanghai, which is where Linuo Shanghai stands now.