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what Linuo means

LI (力)in Chinese represents power, ability, motivation, and strength. It is the integration of human resource and science & technology, which propels the material progress.

NUO(诺)in Chinese symbolizes promise or commitment, a virtue in Chinese traditional culture.

Linuo thus represents progress and commitment, commitment to our corporate goals and dedication to our customers.


Linuo's logo is a combination of Chinese characters and the romanisation of those Chinese words. The Chinese calligraphy is vigorous and swift, symbolizing strong executive power and our Linuo team's perseverance.  English spelling is there to highlight our global outlook.  In our logo one can see a wonderful combination of an international brand and the historic traditions of our Linuo Group.



The Colour of Linuo's Logo

Tech-blue, which symbolizes wisdom, hope and the future, is the logo colour of the Linuo Group. It demonstrates Linuo Group’s dedication to innovation and high-tech, and our philosophy of energy conservation and environmental protection.